About DSQC

Each year, more than 170 million adults take dietary supplements in the United States.1 Choosing and using dietary supplements responsibly is a critical public health challenge.

Recognizing that safety is a shared responsibility, the Dietary Supplements Quality Collaborative (DSQC) was formed to bring together all stakeholders interested in ensuring quality dietary supplements.

DSQC is a multi-stakeholder, cross-sector collaborative, working together to improve the quality and safety of dietary supplements. The Collaborative brings together members’ expertise and networks to help promote supplement safety, advance transparency, and embrace quality.

Our Mission

We aim to advance the quality and safety of products marketed as dietary supplements in the United States in the interest of protecting public health.

DSQC Members


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1. Council for Reponsible Nutrition. (2019). 2019 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements. Retrieved October 16, 2019, from https://www.crnusa.org/CRNConsumerSurvey